Tummy Tuck techinique in Skin Experts Polyclinic


What is Tummy Tuck?

If you’ve been longing for a chiseled six-pack or a tucked tummy but find yourself unable to attain it despite dedicated exercise and healthy eating, the Tummy Tuck procedure at Skin Experts Polyclinic is your solution. For six-pack sculpting in the tummy tuck procedure, fat is selectively extracted from between the muscle pack using advanced procedures like the VASER method, resulting in toned-looking abs.

Am I a Good Candidate?

  • Ideal candidates for Tummy Tuck are not overweight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Candidates should have achieved their goal weight and sustained it for several months before considering the surgery.
  • Candidates should be aware that receiving compression treatment and lymph drainage is crucial for effective healing post-surgery.
  • Candidates are advised not to make significant lifestyle changes after the operation to ensure optimal results.
  • Candidates must recognize that long-term results can be affected by a lack of exercise or substantial weight fluctuations.


  • Achieve defined six-pack or washboard abs, along with athletic torso contouring.
  • Following the procedure of liposuction, the extracted fat is cleaned and prepared, ready to be injected into other regions of the body and muscle sections to increase volume (lipofilling).
  • Lipofilling offers women the opportunity to enhance their breasts or buttocks.
  • Men can benefit from fat injection into the stomach, chest, or shoulder muscles.
  • After a recovery period of 6 weeks, you can resume your usual athletic activities.


At Skin Experts Polyclinic, our team of specialists, consisting of plastic and cosmetic surgeons, possesses unique expertise in procedures tailored for men, and they have successfully performed numerous six-pack surgeries. Various techniques are employed, including VASER Lipo body contouring, body sculpting, VASER 4D, VASER HiDef, High Definition body sculpting, and six-pack sculpting. Regardless of the terminology used, the objective remains the same: targeted fat extraction between the muscles using the VASER technique, followed by precise athletic body sculpting. The VASER Lipo procedure typically lasts at least one hour, depending on the targeted region and extent, and can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Patients can expect outpatient or one-day clinic visits, with minimal downtime, allowing a return to daily activities approximately two days post-operation. Aftercare involves wearing a compression vest for six weeks, with no need for suture removal. The Six-Pack Procedure at Skin Experts Polyclinic offers a tailored and effective solution for achieving the sculpted abdominal appearance you desire.