Daark Circles Treatment in dubai

Dark Circles

Dark circles refer to visible darkness of the area below the eyes. They’re a common aesthetic concern of many patients we encounter in the clinic. Factors that contribute to the darker appearance of the skin in that area include excessive pigmentation, shadowing due to tear troughs and thinning of the translucent skin overlying the muscle and vessels around the eyes.


A single session of combination lasers provides the best solution for removing excess pigmentation, by selectively destroying the unwanted pigment. Bleaching creams are not very effective because they are poorly tolerated by the thin and sensitive skin of the eyelids. Our doctors delicately use a combination of three lasers, fractional and spot resurfacing and Q-switched laser in one single session, with very thorough protection of the eye. This session takes about 2 hours in the clinic. Initially, there is swelling for two days and the skin peels off in a total of 4-5 days. During this time, emollients and antibiotics are used, and we recommend oral antibiotics and antivirals to prevent infections. Concealer can be used after the 5th day. Most patients see about 50% improvement after this single session. It is essential to protect the skin from sun and heat exposure before and after laser treatment. But to optimize the results, laser for dark circles results can take up to 6 months to be completed, and can get worse before getting better.


Shadowing from a deep groove or tear trough under the eyes is best treated with a filler in order to reduce the hollow, remove the shadow effect, and give a fresher, more relaxed look, as light reflects better on this area.