Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Tooth treatment in dubai

Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Tooth

Our doctors at the Skin Experts Polyclinic will do everything to help you preserve your healthy and natural teeth for as long as possible. However, if you do need to get a tooth removed, Prof. Nada Naaman is an expert in tooth extractions. They will ensure a comfortable procedure and, in some cases, will recommend immediate implant placement.

Tooth extraction may be necessary if the tooth is suffering from severe decay, if the gum disease is advanced and the tooth is not salvageable, if overcrowding is affecting other teeth, and if the tooth is broken due to trauma.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a commonly performed procedure. Our doctors will help you decide if your wisdom teeth should be extracted or not. Sometimes a wait-and-see approach is suitable. Other times, removing wisdom teeth is necessary to prevent crowding or decay.