PDT Treatment in skinexperts polyclinic in dubai

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photodynamic is the best treatment for diffuse precancerous lesions, cases of superficial skin cancer, and many patients with severe acne.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is the combination of a light-sensitizing chemical and light exposure to stimulate a precise reaction that rids the skin of precancerous and cancerous cells, especially when diffuse or large. The light sensitizing medication is activated by a specific wavelength of light energy to destroy rapidly dividing cells. This allows abnormal areas of tissue to be treated without the need for surgery or aggressive liquid nitrogen therapy.

This exclusive therapy was developed in some of its aspects by Dr Touma, and is considered the gold standard for many cases of precancerous and superficial cancerous lesions. The treatment heals rapidly within 7 days and leaves no scarring. PDT is also very useful for facial acne, and in our experience can emulate a couple of months of isotretinoin. This makes PDT a viable treatment option for patients who cannot take this medication or want to avoid the complications or side effects of the treatment. While some patients may notice improvement after a single session, the number of treatments required depends on the person’s skin type, the number of lesions, and the severity of acne.

After treatment, the skin is extremely sensitive to the sun. Patients must avoid sun exposure for 48 hours following treatment to avoid severe sunburns.