Ears are fully mature at 6 years of age. Anyone beyond this age is fit to undergo this procedure. Otoplasty, or ear reduction surgery corrects ear deformities, meaning protruding or oversized ears.

Ear deformity can be a source of bullying in the young age group, this is why we recommend this surgery to be done the earliest possible. Furthermore, young tissues are more pliable, which means that the molding capacity of the ear cartilage is easier and the outcome of this procedure is better in a child compared to an adult.

Some patients may have elongated or ripped earlobes from the following scenarios:
• Chronic heavy earring usage
• Multiple ear piercings too close together
• Piercing too close to bottom of lobe
• Natural aging process

Earlobe repair can be performed easily and earrings can be worn back after the incision has healed completely within 6 weeks. This procedure takes 1-2 hours, and it is done under local anesthesia.