laser tattoo removal procedure in Skin Experts Polyclinic, Dubai

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser treatment for tattoo removal is a safe procedure because of the laser’s unique ability to selectively remove the pigment in the tattoo, while leaving the surrounding skin intact. This works for amateur, professional, and cosmetic tattoos.

At the Skin Experts polyclinic, we use a combination of lasers to achieve the best results. Multiple sessions are needed. In order to provide faster results, we use the PFD (perfluorodecalin) patch which is FDA approved for tattoo removal. This patch is placed over the tattoos upon laser treatment to enable rapid multiple laser passes in a single treatment session, and reducing the total number of sessions needed.

The effectiveness of the laser is dependent upon the location and the depth of the tattoo, as well as the composition of the pigments, which gives the tattoo its color. Amateur tattoos are the easiest to remove because they are usually made up of a single color/pigment that is placed superficially, while professional tattoos are composed of several pigments and are placed deeper in the dermis. In general, blue/black color is the easiest to remove, while bright to tan colors are more difficult. All tattoos will require re-treatment at 4-6 weeks intervals. Overall, 2-4 treatment sessions are needed for amateur tattoos, and 3-12 sessions are needed for professional tattoos, depending on their density, color and type of pigment. For cosmetic tattoos, less treatment sessions are often required.

We use the latest generation of nanosecond lasers which, in combination with PFD patch, are generally more cost effective than the picosecond lasers.