Hair Transplantation treatment clinic in dubai

Hair Transplantation

At the Skin Experts polyclinic, we use the most refined transplantation techniques to provide superb results for even the most challenging cases and areas including eyebrows, beard, and moustache or scarred areas.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the ideal technique whereby hair is removed from the donor back area of the scalp using a very small punch. The donor area heals with no linear scar, and only small white points remain, that are covered with hair 1 mm or longer. The hairs are then prepared and separated under the microscope and reimplanted into the balding areas in the form of micrografts. Dr. Touma specializes in micrografting, which is the implantation of single hairs one at a time to obtain the most naturally looking hairline. The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia and with very little inconvenience post-operatively. One or two sessions are generally enough for most people. The hallmark of Dr. Touma’s work is his signature hairline, with results that look extremely natural for life.

The Strip technique is the traditional method of hair transplantation that involves removing a strip of permanent hair-bearing skin from the donor site in the back of the head. The strip is closed in a refined way with sutures and heals as a very thin line of approximately 1 mm that is covered by hair 3 mm or longer. Strip hair implants are recommended for women and men with long hair to avoid shaving their hair prior to transplantation.

No shave FUE is a technique that allows patients to have FUE’s without shaving their head. Small areas of the scalp less than 1cm in size are shaved and are scattered throughout the donor area in the sides and back of the head. The FUE’s are delicately removed, and the long unshaved hair covers those areas. Up to 800-1000 grafts can be removed this way, which is sufficient for smaller transplant cases. For larger cases, the no-shave FUE technique can be repeated monthly over time to achieve a large number of transplanted hairs.

Restore your hair the right way the first time!

Many commercial hair transplantation centers advertise heavily, promoting very cheap fees. Patients often travel to these countries and return with unsatisfactory results, due to poor technique or wrong hairline placement or both, leading to a ’transplanted look’, or a depleted donor area with visible hair loss caused by over harvesting or removing way too many grafts period. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. A hair transplant is a lifetime decision, and will last forever. Dr. Touma has not only perfected the technical and medical aspect of personalized hair restoration, he has a keen sense of elegance that will guarantee you a very natural hair transplant, at fees that are very reasonable compared to other world class practices. Patients are usually looking so natural, even hair transplant surgeons cannot guess they had any work done and this is priceless!