Crowns and Dental Bridges service in dubai

Crowns & Dental Bridges

Dental crowns are a reliable natural-looking cap that cover damaged or missing teeth. Crowns are necessary when the tooth is broken to the point where a filling cannot be done. In the back part of the oral cavity (posterior), placing crowns on superficially cracked teeth can relieve pain and restore full dental function. In front teeth, stains, erosion and chipping may be unaesthetic. In such cases, full ceramic and zirconia crowns can provide more support than veneers. Furthermore, crowns can protect against breakage of root canal-treated teeth.
Crowns tolerate the same pressures as a regular tooth and will help the patient enjoy eating, speaking and smiling.

When a tooth is missing and not replaced, surrounding and opposing teeth may move into the empty space. Dental bridge treatment can be a reliable option for replacing missing one to two consecutive teeth. It is a fixed structure customized to look like a natural tooth, and will restore the ability to bite and chew. Before placing a bridge, root canal and gum treatment might be necessary.

Prof. Ziad Salame and Dr. Karim Corbani will restore your teeth and restore your masticatory function.

Crown lengthening surgery

Crown lengthening is necessary to treat severe tooth decay below the gum line or to fix a tooth that is fractured and broken below the gum. Crown lengthening will add more space between the supporting jawbone and a dental crown. This prevents your new crown from invading gum tissue and thus swollen and inflamed gingiva.