Buccal Fat Excision

Buccal fat is deep fat located between the cheek bons and the jaw line. Everyone has it but in different volumes. Having too much of it will cause a rounded facial outline (Chubby Cheeks). Buccal Fat Removal has been highlighted by several holly wood actresses and is done to contour the face, highlight the cheek bones and give a general slimmer look.

The removal of it is a simple surgical procedure that is done under local anesthesia. The surgeon usually places local anesthesia inside the moth in the cheeks area opposite the upper molars. A simple incision is done in the fat area and the fat is removed carefully. The surgeon usually closes the incision with a resorbable stitch or two. The duration of the surgery is about 20 minutes, and although is a simple procedure it should be done by an experienced and qualified surgeon to avoid unnecessary complications due to the anatomical sensitivity of the area.  Patients usually could go back to their normal lives the next day.

Following the procedure, the patient is sent home with a course of antibiotics and simple painkillers. Slight swelling has been reported in some cases that last from two to three days. The sutures usually fall out within a week, but it is advised for the patients to come for a checkup 10 days following the surgery to make sure everything is ok.

The results show instantly once the swelling subsides, however the final results could take up to 6 weeks to allow for the tissue to form in its new location.