Arosha Body Wrapping & Pressotherapy

Arosha body wrapping in combination with pressotherapy is used to stimulate a draining, firming, and lipolytic action for optimizing detoxification and lymphatic drainage process.

Arosha’s wrapping technology system is an innovative line of treatments that delivers spectacular results with water retention, cellulite reduction and noticeable improvement with toning and moisturizing.

The Arosha wraps uses a variety of disposable bandages pre-soaked in a mixture of specific ingredients that aids in your concern. The variety enables us to tailor a specific solution for you.

The best combination with the Arosha body wrapping is pressotherapy, which is a method used in treating water retention by stimulating proper lymphatic drainage.

During the treatment, special cuffs with empty chambers are applied and are slowly filled with air. The presso suite device applies a pressure to particular parts towards the lymph nodes.