Plastic Surgery

eyelid rejuvenation

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Ablative Laser Fractional and ablative laser resurfacing are done to the damaged skin of the eyelids. The laser is performed with topical anesthesia, and is followed by some redness, bruising and swelling for 3-5 days. The results are dramatic firming of the skin in addition to the impressive surface improvement. Your browser does not support …

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Brow Lift/ Forehead Lift

Sagging eyes and brows can cause a tired and sad appearance. This will result in the development of deep skin creases in the forehead as the muscle struggles to open the eye and compensate for a lower brow. A brow lift, or forehead lift, aims to restore the position of the eyes and brows, creating …

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Blepharoplasty treatment


Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery is the surgical procedure of the upper and lower eyelid, it is done to reduce bagging from the lower eyelid and hooding from the upper eyelid. It is done by removing the excess skin with or without the underlying fat. The cause of excess skin is usually the result of …

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Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Often the fatty tissue that was once within your cheeks will rotate towards your nose or mouth, which causes deeper nasolabial creases and can pull down the lower eyelid tissue. Similarly to the deep plane face and neck lift, our surgeons’ cheek lifts are like no other, aiming to reposition the cheeks back on the …

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Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

At Skin Experts Polyclinic, breast implant surgery, performed as an inpatient procedure, typically lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and is carried out under general anesthesia. Post-surgery, patients are advised to wear bandages for the first two weeks, followed by a support bra for the subsequent six weeks. A single night of inpatient care is …

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Buccal Fat Excision

Buccal fat is deep fat located between the cheek bons and the jaw line. Everyone has it but in different volumes. Having too much of it will cause a rounded facial outline (Chubby Cheeks). Buccal Fat Removal has been highlighted by several holly wood actresses and is done to contour the face, highlight the cheek …

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Upper Lip Lift

A Lip Lift is a surgical procedure done under local anesthesia aimed to shorten the length between the nose and the lip line (Vermillion boarder) which is known as the philtrum length. With age, and due to the loss of the underlying bone support the length between the upper lip and the nose increases and …

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Chin Augmentation

Mentoplasty is done to project the chin and give proper support to the mouth and facial skin. It helps reduce the appearance of a large nose and tighten loose skin of the under chin. It can be done surgically using silicone implants, and non-surgically, using fillers or fat injections, which is practical and long-lasting with …

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Ears are fully mature at 6 years of age. Anyone beyond this age is fit to undergo this procedure. Otoplasty, or ear reduction surgery corrects ear deformities, meaning protruding or oversized ears. Ear deformity can be a source of bullying in the young age group, this is why we recommend this surgery to be done …

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Xanthelasma treatment in dubai


Xanthelasma is the accumulation of fat under the skin. It is more common in women than men and in people with hypercholesterolemia but can occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. It most commonly affects the area around the eyes. In severe cases, it can grow enough to cause vision impairment. Treatment depends on the …

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